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30 Seconds with Jeff - Clever Clogs Shawlands

How long have you had the cobblers?

I opened the shop in 2000, so I’m in my 19th year.

What did yo do before?

I worked for various shoe repair/ key cutting companies including Timpsons spanning over 23 years prior to opening Clever Clogs in 2000.

What are you trying to bring to Shawlands?

I have always believed in good customer service and doing the job to the absolute best of my ability, focussing on producing high quality workmanship at a reasonable price and making sure the customer is always happy.

What’s your thoughts on the businesses around and the footfall traffic within Shawlands?

Well it’s good to see virtually all the small and mid sized shops all being opened for business, I know there are 4 or so larger units that are empty. I thought maybe the council could maybe attract some bigger companies into the area with incentives i.e. reduced rates etc. for them opening sub outlets in Shawlands, maybe Primark, H&M & TK Max using them with say there 1000 most popular products. Footfall has seen a steady decline for the last 10 years or so but I think with lack of parking, rates to high for big units and other factors most high streets outside the city centre are feeling it tough.

Any plans for the summer?

Will be working all summer, but hope to get away in the autumn. Great now my son Jack is 18 now and we can go away anytime and not just at school holidays.

What are the main services you provide at Clever Clogs?

My services include, shoe repairs, key cutting, watch strap and battery replacement. I have a range of leather wallets and ladies purses, walking sticks & lots of shoe care products and laces/ insoles. I have also now introduced engraving and nameplates which has really taken off. I engrave on glass as well, many people bring in bottles of wine or glasses to get there personal message on them for their friends or loved ones.

Clever Clogs Services

3 Kilmarnock Rd, Glasgow G41 3YN

T: 0141 649 0000

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