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Brush Babers

Husso, at Brush Barbers, is in the prime of his life and leading the way with modern barbering and that personal one to one touch and customer service that is so often missing from the high street shops and stores.

Brush has just won ‘Glasgow’s Best Barber 2019’ and shows the extent to which he and his staff are driving the business forward.

As Brush Barbers, their main target is to keep traditional barbershop culture alive. The ideology of the shop is to offer high-quality hair cuts but also providing a sincere environment. That’s why their motto is “Come as a client leave as a friend”. They really keep Brush community as a priority and give significant importance to personal relationships.

Husso has a special connection with his clients and their team follow this commitment too.

Husso also does his bit for the overall barbering industry, he’s an Educator/Teacher at Great British Barbering Academy and a Judge at Scotland’s Best Barber of the Year at SEC, he certainly gives something back!

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